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January 9th 1899
The Baltimore Sun

He Came Here To See His Brother, Dr. P. H. Reiche, And Dies When He Reached The House.

Mr. Ernest C. Reiche, one of the best known residents of Chestertown, Md., died very suddenly of heart disease last Friday at the home of his brother, Dr. P. H. Reiche, Waverly.

That afternoon Mr. Reiche arrived in Baltimore on a boat from Chestertown and, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Caroline Reiche, proceeded to his brother’s residence. He reached the house about 3:30 P. M. and the only member of Dr. Reiche’s family to see him alive was the doctor’s little daughter Mary. She was waiting on her uncle and her cousin and ran to meet them.

“How do you do, Uncle Ernest,” she exclaimed, as Reiche entered the door, and threw her arms around his neck.

“Oh Mary, I feel very, very ill,” was his answer.

Assisted by his daughter he removed his overcoat and seated himself on the sofa. In five minutes he was dead. For years he has suffered from heart disease and within the last few years he had had several serious attacks. For some time he had felt that he would not live long, and he came to Baltimore especially to see his brother before his death. His body was taken to Chestertown and the funeral will take place there today.

Mr. Reiche was sixty-eight years old and was born in Westphalia, Prussia. He came to this country in 1852 and has since then lived in different parts of Maryland. For many years he had a farm near Centreville, and conducted a mill in connection with it. Later he went to Chestertown, where he has lived for about twenty years.

At the time of his death he owned the largest furniture in that town and was also engaged in the undertaking business. He was popular all over the Eastern Shore, his interests and acquaintances extending through several counties.

He was never identified with politics, but always took a lively interest in the welfare of the democratic party. He was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

Mr. Reiche’s wife, who died about five years ago, was a Miss Nagle. He leaves four sons and four daughters, who are Messgr. Charles, Ernest, Thomas and William Reiche, Misses Susan and Caroline Reiche, Mrs. Mattie Fitzpatrick, of Baltimore, and Mrs. Tillie Anderson, of Philadelphia.

In addition to Dr. Reiche he has one brother, Mr. Louis Reiche, who lives in Dortmund, Westphalia, and a sister, Mrs. Emily Goette, whose home is in the same neighborhood.