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January 17th 1939
The Baltimore Sun
(Copyright © Reprinted with permission from the Baltimore Sun)

Widow of Ouija Board Inventor Had Been Ill Long Time.
Five Children Survive

Mrs. Annie Fuld Smith Fuld, widow of William Fuld, toy manufacturer and inventor of the ouija board, died last night at her home, 2511 North Charles street after a long illness. She was 58 years of age and a native of Baltimore.

Surviving are five children, Mrs. Katherine Frederick and Carrie, William, Paul and Hubert Fuld, all of Baltimore.

Mr. Fuld, who at one time said that he had made over $1,000,000 on the “spirit communications” board, died as a result of a fall from the roof of the toy plant at Harford and Lamont avenues in 1927.

Held 45 Patents
He held forty-five patents on the board and other inventions in the United States and other countries. He also served as inspector of Customs for twenty-eight years, being appointed during the Administration of President Grover Cleveland.

The couple were married at St. Luke’s Church by the Rev. Walter Dressel in 1893.

The funeral is being arranged.