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Feb 12, 1920
Boston Daily Globe

Evangelist Rader Also Hits Theory of Evolution

“Anybody that’s a spiritualist is a demon worshiper,” shouted Evangelist Paul Rader in a sermon last night, directed against spiritualism, cigarette smoking, evolution and other characteristics of the 20th century, at the Park Street Church. Mr. Rader is president of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Inc. which is holding its 32d annual convention in Boston this week.

“I’ve seen the demons leave the poor, tortured souls as they listened to the word of God,” continued Mr. Rader. “Mediums who were shot to pieces by the work of the devil have been cured by faith in Jesus. I don’t need to use a ouija board for guidance when I have within me the spirit of Christ.”

“The reason that some people take up Spiritualism is that there is so much dead Christianity that doesn’t connect with the vital needs of humanity that when people need comfort and are sad and sorrowful they seek help from a ouija board instead of from Christ. I tell you the ouija board is the work of the devil. In the last days those who take up Spiritualism will be devil worshipers.”

Mr. Rader also flayed the theory of evolution. “I have no objection to a college education per se,” he said, “but I am a dead-set enemy of the education that teaches this thing. Germany has already gone to the devil through believing in it. It was the doctrine of the survival of the fittest that made Germany go forth to wipe out Belgium. The very product of education – the theory of evolution – is what brought about the war. Modern scientists are deifying man and forgetting God.”