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February 24th 1920
Boston Daily Globe

More Truth Than Poetry
By James J. Montague

The Ouija Board
When Madam took the Ouija Board at my request, and made
An effort to communicate with Herbert Spencer’s shade,
And Herbert presently came forth and spelled a note, which said:
“My son, I ain’t had no regrets at all since I been dead.
If you set tight a little while and watch the Madam’s hand,
I’ll learn you all there is to know about spirit land,”
I thought, although at the unknown I do not like to scoff,
That Herbert must have changed a bit since he was shuffled off.

When Cyclops, also by my request, obliged by coming through
And set the Ouija Board at work, as all good spirits do,
I own that I was quite surprised when he said: “Never fear,
There ain’t no cause to worry, lad, your Uncle Cy is here.
I seen your granddad yesterday, he’s looking fine and well.
I hope you’ll call me every night, there’s such a lot to tell.”
I could not help reflecting, as he wandered out of range
That some things in the spirit world are marvelously strange.

“Can you call up George Elliot?” “Why, sure,” the Madam said.
“This Ouija Board will send you word from any one that’s dead.”
She placed her fingers on the board, and lo! the thing was done;
She wrote, slow spelling out each word: “I’m old Elliot’s son.
I know a lot of friends of yours; we have the self-same joys,
But not the sorrows and the trials we did when we was boys.”
I sighed and o’er my beaded brow I passed my handkerchief.
“These spirit miracles,” said I, “are almost past belief.”