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March 3rd 1921
The Baltimore Sun

Court To Decide If It Is Game Or Scientific Instrument.

The question whether the ouija board is a game or a scientific invention assigned for an argument tomorrow before Judge Rose in the United States Court in the suit of the Baltimore Talking Board Company against Collector of Internal Revenue Joshua W. Miles for the refund of taxes levied on proceeds of sales of ouija boards that were paid under protest.

It is contended by the manufacturers hat the ouija board is a grade of motor automatism involving considerable subconscious action of the intelligence of those using it. Collector Miles held that it was only a game and the receipts from its sales were taxable as such.

“Wee” ouija boards, which Collector Miles also held to be taxable, are only a child's toy, the manufacturers claim. They were made solely for advertising purposes, the makers say, and are exempt from taxation as a child's toy.