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May 23rd 1894
The News — Frederick, Maryland

The Federal Office Left Vacant by the Death of Mr. Goodwin

Collector Shaw has directed Deputy Surveyor Washington Bowie to act as surveyor of the port of Baltimore until the President appoints a successor to the late Surveyor Charles Ridgely Goodwin.

There is considerable gossip in political circles as to the probably successor of the late surveyor. The friends of Col. Buchanan Schley will push him forward for the place. These include many of the strongest adherents of Mr. Goodwin among the business men of Baltimore. It is said the President is anxious to give Colonel Schley this position in preference to Mr. Goodwin which finally won for him the appointment. This being the case, it is also said it will not be difficult for the President to give favorable consideration to Colonel Schley’s claim at the time. It is known that Colonel Schley prefers the surveyorship, and it is doubtful if he would accept the marshalship, his nomination for which he has been confirmed.

The friends of Col. Edward Lloyd have also brought him forward as a candidate for the surveyorship. A delegation is already preparing to go to Washington to push Col. Lloyd’s claim.

State Senator E. Stanley Toadvin was a prominent applicant for the position before the appointment of Mr. Goodwin was made.