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November 22nd 1939
The Baltimore Sun
(Copyright © Reprinted with permission from the Baltimore Sun)

More On The Ouija Board

In connection with the obituary notices on Isaac Fuld printed in The Sun supplied by his immediate family, a nephew William A. Fuld, makes the following announcement:

The original patents and trademarks on the Ouija board were registered on July 19, 1892 in the name of William Fuld.

These patents and trademarks now are held by William A. Fuld, son of the original patentee, who continues to operate the business established by his father in 1889.

Isaac Fuld was not connected with this particular business, which has been and is operated under the name of its founder on its original site, Harford and Lamont avenues. The founder of the business died February 24, 1927.

William A. Fuld has not been and is not connected with any other game or toy manufacturing concern.

[EDITOR’S NOTE — The Isaac Fuld branch of the family claimed that Isaac, with William (Sr.), was responsible for starting the Ouija fad. The extent of Isaac’s participation, however, has been the subject of a long-standing family dispute.]