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December 10th 1949
The Baltimore Sun
(Copyright © Reprinted with permission from the Baltimore Sun)

Directs Family To Retain Possession Of Heirlooms

Directions that his family keep possession of heirlooms, including a bed in which General Washington slept and a watch handed down through for generations, were contained in the will of Maj. Gen. Washington Bowie, Jr., probated yesterday at Towson.

General Bowie, prominent as a soldier and lawyer, died November 14 at his home in Lutherville.

Specific bequests included the gift to a son, Washington Bowie 5th of “the gold watch, chain and seal which belonged to his great great grandfather, Washington Bowie, in compliance with the request contained in my father’s will.”

Miniature Included
With a miniature of that ancestor included I the bequest, the watch is to “remain in the family,” General Bowie’s will provided.

His own Swiss watch, with chain and seal, were left to another son, Johnson Bowie.

Major Richard Turner Bowie, of Fort Sill, Okla., a third son, will receive “my automatic pistols, books on military subjects, my military uniforms and equipment.”

Other items which will be directed “always remain in the Bowie family” were “the high post carved bedstead in which General Washington slept, the two sideboards, dining-room table and chairs, cut-glass decanters and the Washington snuff box.