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December 11th 1886
The News — Frederick, Maryland

Internal Revenue Matters
Baltimore papers this morning contained copious information in regard to the retirement of several republican office holders in that city. It appears that Surveyor Warfield yesterday accepted the resignation of Mr. John Kaufman, of this city, chief clerk in his department, and which was placed at the surveyor’s disposal in June last. The surveyor appointed Col. Washington Bowie, of Montgomery county, to the position, which pays $1,800 a year. Col. Bowie was strongly recommended by all the leading democrats in Montgomery county, and the appointment is expected to give great satisfaction in Western Maryland. The appointee is 45 years old, and a brother-in-law of Buchanan Schley, of Hagerstown. He will enter upon his duties January 1. Mr. Kaufman was appointed chief clerk by Col. G. W. F. Vernon in 1878 and has served continuously since. He has been a competent and efficient officer. Her served all through the war as a member of the Seventh Maryland Infantry in the Army of the Potomac. He will return to his home in this city, and resume his active connection on the Frederick Times, in which he is associated with Mr. O. F. Markell.