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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter


Dear Sir:

Just as a price comparison you might be interested in the following.

In August 1955 I purchased a Ouija Board from the Venture Book Shop at Evanston, Ill. The price was $4.00 plus 25 cents postage. There was no dealers card or literature in the box containing the the board.

In 1956 I purchased a Ouija Board from the Cramer Boob Store of Kansas City, Mo. Price was $4.50. No card or literature was contained in the box.

December 12, 1957 I purchased a Ouija Board from the Keeler Book Store or Lawrence, Kans, for the price of $3.00 which contained your dealers card which you will find attached.

The reason for the $3.00 price was probably due to the fact this item has not sold well and was a special price.

The January issue of Fate Magazine carries an Ad from the Venture Book Shop which lists the board for $5.00 plus 25 cents postage.

I have purchased these boards though the years as gifts for friends. My original board was made of wood with a wooden planchette. Which over a period of 15 years is beyond repair. Have tried to replace this same board with a WOODEN BOARD AND WOODEN PLANCHETTE but guess this item has been replaced with plastics. Does your company ever make th eold type Ouija Board anymore?

Price changes and Marketing have always interested me and thought this note might be of interest to you. This item should be sold in the Railroad station Gift shops. It should have a good sale there.

Yours truly,

Mrs. E. Lee Miller
1015 W. 22nd Terrace
Lawrence, Kans.