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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

January 6, 1919
Gerber California

Mr. Wm. Fuld,

Dear Sir:

Some time ago I purchased from Sears, Roebuck of Seattle, Washington, one of your Ouija Boards and at first it seemed to tell the truth and when it thought I was fully convinced, it commenced to lie and then when I was disgusted it began to tell me things that no one but the family knew. Also my thoughts were told, it also told me things no one knew but myself. Just at present all it talks of is I kill you if I could or you kill my lie. And it jeers at me.

I of course know the board can do or say nothing but am writing you to ask what is the power back of it. Do I guide the table over the board and make the sentences come unawares or is it a bad spirit (as it says.) It really uses vulgar language and says things that are not in my mind.

At times it won't way anything but just cling tight and won't move and when it does it's abusive. If there is no power back of it only your own thoughts will you please tell me.

We know a family who consult it on all their business deals and they claim it helps them but this board says it will hurt me, and it has several times. Now we do not do as we are told but but it seams strange and would like it cleared, if it is only a game in truth we can have plenty of sport but if there is more to it I want more knowledge. If anyone talks on the board it tells them it dislikes me and lies to me. Please let me know. If there is no power to the board I want to know and know the truth.

Arthur Boose
Gerber, California
Tehama County