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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Jan 17th, 1958
Monterry, Mexico

William Fuld
Box 1193, Zone 3
Baltimore, Md U. S. A.

Dear Mr. William:

I hope you are fine. I write you this letter, because I would like to know something about “Ouija”.

I have one and it works fine, but I would like to know something about the “Ouijas” origin, if it isn' indescreet.

Some people told me that it works by telepathy, but really I am not sure.

Some times we asked it some questions, like dates when people are born or names of people that we don;t know and it tells us the truth.

I hope that it isn't given you a lot of trouble to answer my letter.

Your friends,

Maylene, B Boughton, Doris Ann Ghering, Nina, Alijandro, William, Robert, Mague, Mannuel, Sozroz, Donald, Lupe, Raul, Adrain, Tety, Marcy, Carlos, Louis, Amelia, Lauren, Rivada

Cerrode de la Silla 915 Sur
Colonia Obispado
Monterrey, N. L. Mexico