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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

February 9, 1934
Tulsa, Oklahoma

William Fuld,
Baltimore, Md

Dear Sir:

I am no using one of your lap size Ouija Boards and find it excellent indeed. Never used one before in my life and was amazed at the response it gave. I am not convinced that it really is a medium for speaking to those passed on but find it a mysterious performer.

Will you tell me if you are really convinced of its really being a spiritual medium between this and the other mental world. I am not convinced and feel the thing to do is to try to prove it. at any rate if or if not it is a mystic thing and I enjoy it.

Now the reason of this letter I am making or taking the privilege of doing so. Do you make smaller boards. I would like one small enough to handle like a book. One about the size of the box the ouija is packed in and use two fingers to guide it. I believe on further thought the dementions below are better.

If you will make this for me please notify me quoting price and possibility. Say a size of 6-1/2 inches wide 9-1/2 long. The lap board is so large the space is hard to cover when talking rapidly and I can converse like a conversation, but too much space for real work. I will appreciate your interest and in my behalf and please accept my thanks for same. Oblige:

Dr. Stella Holle,
212 Roberts Bbldg.,
Tulsa, Oklahoma

There is no boards to be had in Tulsa as Jim sent to K. C. and got mine