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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Feb. 11-57
75 Searingtown Rd.
Alberston – L. I., N. Y.

Dear Sir: –

We have just purchased one of your large Ouija Boards for a specific problem my sister wishes to solve.

We have read the directions but we need more specific directions, will two ladies use it successfully? Also –
1.does one use 4 or two hands if two people are playing
2.the board is preferably used on the laps?
3.does just one person make the wish or question, or must both know it?
4.If just one knows the question does the other one just sit quietly and concentrate on the board? Or must he also have a hand on the table?

Thanking you most sincerely for your assistance,

I am
Gratefully Yours,

Grace A. Cole