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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Mar 10, 1934.
Topeka, Kans.

Dear Sir:

Just a few lines to let you know that I sure take quite an interest in your Ouija board, my wife and I really can work it better than other persons that has tried to work it. I believe in spirit, I want to know from you if you have anything that one person can work it. I heard their was and I figured if anybody would know that you would, and if you don't mind tell more about how to talk to the spirits, I am going to tell you what little experience I had, the Ouija board told me that my grandmother left 350 dollars in gold and silver behind the mop board in her bed room under the window and I didn't believe it, but my Uncle was living at the house and the spirit didn't want me to go their while my uncle was their and they didn't want him to have it, my grandmother wanted my other two brother and I to have it, but I never could get in the house I knew where her bedroom was and everything but i didn't want to break up the mop board in case my uncle would see it, and so one day I got my uncle to move the mop and we move it about a bunch of papers and my uncle seen it and he believed it, so we removed the mop board completely and the spirits sunk the money I heard a noise like this and with the money my grandmother put a picture of jesus but they didn't sink that picture, and then I came back home and I asked the good spirits if the money was still their and they said no because my uncle Nick was their with me. So if their is anything you can tell me and wouldn't mind telling me I sure would like to hear from you soon, well no more news until I hear from you,

Mike Olliso
422C, 6th St.