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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Nat. Okoro
7B Anipele St.,
Mushim, Lagos, Nigeria

Mr. William Fuld
Box 1193, Zone 3.
Baltimore, Maryland
U. S. A.


Three months ago I received from you the OUIJA BOARD order through Mr. G. Peter of the Medical Stores, Lkeja Lagos. I have since been unable to understand its answers because the board was received with only the heart-shaped table and no other book to refer to. On operation the table merely moves among the letters and figures on the face of the board stopping here and there. I think there should be a sort of dictionary which can translate the meanings of letters and figures indicated by the table. If there is any book or directory please send it to me at the above address. If none please inform me of how to translate the meanings indicated. I have a great need for the board.

Your earliest possible action awaited please,

Thanks in anticipation,

Yours faithfully

Nat. Okoro