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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

March 18, 1920
New York, N. Y.

Dear Sir:

Should you meet with a lull in the sale of the Boards which is bound to come, through the Catholic Church and private Psychic failures I will contribute my proved Psychic work which is more interesting than Poems to the public as the demonstrations concern past present and future events. I have a witness to each wonderful prediction in various facts of the world, have a telegram and letters showing my Psychic work with the Ouija Board is not a fake. I have had the board since 1904 and consider it my best friend, but have come in contact with many persons who find it worthless because they themselves are spiritually asleep. Cannibals, or meat eaters do not get the same results that a non meat eater meets with. Right thinking, right living, and right actions attract the best Psychic results. I use the Board alone while relaxing. I find my brain is clearer and more sane than those who are howling about the Ouija Board. I also find that although poor, I am more healthy, happier, and more sane than the Christian Scientists or any church member I have ever met. Although I never attend church because I was once insulted by the minister.

I never need a Physician and I am a living example of Health, Happiness, and Common Sense, yet dote on my “Ouija” and have startled my friends and enemies with astounding demonstrations. To get the best results one must cease eating meat and causing pain Dumb Beasts. “Though shall not kill” means every living thing. As soon as the Spiritual rules the Material and the subject becomes humane, kind, thoughtful, considerate of others, they will find a change in health, and Ouija will bring results. When human beings cease to annoy each other and make the roads on life's journey less rough, when they cease eating the carcasses of the poor dead animals, when they cease robbing, getting drunk and cease all vile wants, the “Ouija” or Spiritualism will rule over all churches but it is a question of making the “Blind See.”

Mrs. Emmersen
515 W. 111th St.

Had a different living witness to all the following demonstrations.

World War and Mexican Troubles – Blimp Disaster – Typhus Plague – Sinking of the Carpathia – Destruction of Mauna Loa – Sinking of Manxman – Fall of Atilla – Kaiser and hundreds of other world events predicted from two weeks to two years before happening.