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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

March 19th 1923
Kansas City, Mo.
1119 Rialto Bldg.

Wm Fuld,
Harford Ave, Lamont Ave, & Federal St,
Baltimore, Md.

Sir: -

Will you kindly send me the particulars in full as to how to operate our Ouija Board, we have one and we don't know exactly how, the other night my nephew was using it and the pointer went over to that star and quarter of a moon in the right hand corner of the board, we didn't know of what use this was, the question he had asked was “when will we get started on our new house” the marker first went to the t-h-i-r-d-m-o-n-t-h and then went to this corner. I told them I thought it might be the third month and last quarter of the moon but they don't think so, what is it? Also the other symbols in each of the corners, do you turn the marker around with the pointer pointing at the numerals when you ask it a question that may be answered in numerals? How do you use the marker, do you let it go till it stops so that you may see the number or letter through the hole in the middle, or do you read it as soon as the point is over the letter, does it stop still, please tell me all you can, I am not trying to be silly but the other night I asked it if i was going to get an appointment that I had applied for with the Government and it said yes, it told me on asking, that I am going to Southern California, but missed it when I asked it to spell out the town or rather the reservation I will go to. It also told me that my husband was going to go with me, we have been disagreeing some, but it said he was only going to live six months, it made me feel queer, does it tell the truth, do you think it has acted rather canny with me, and I had no one with me on the board to move it either, I always use it when when no one is around and I never act silly, I was told by a seeress that if “I would leave meat alone I would be able to see the future, as I was gifted is there anything to it, the Ouija I mean. Does it do better for one that is gifted that way, I tried it one day last December and asked it what my brothers wife was going to do, if she was going to come through with a sickness that she had, and would she be in ill health long, and it told me no, said that she was going to come through fine and would have better health than ever, and I asked if her baby would be a boy or girl it said a boy and it was, she is much better than she was before this. I asked it what i would do to make things brighter around the house I mean between my husband and I, and it said “try to pray” I said what “shall I say” and it actually said “think” it made me laugh, I was all alone and so blue I couldn't hold up hardly, I went and knealt down and asked the Savior to help me, and to make him more pleasant and he came home all smiles and has been so good this week past that it seems that OLD OUIJA knows something after all. I hate to be silly and all that but I am getting to think there is really something to it if yo are really in earnest, in other words I think that if you want to know something that is of interest for you to know, this board is worked through your faith in the Savior and your earnestness in the question you ask it, I don't believe it will work on trivial things for I have tried it, and I know it will not work, if those around you are frivolous, I don;t like to use it when anyone is around, I don;t get satisfactory or full answers. Please tell me if you think I am just merely silly or ab-so-ding-lutely incurable. My husband says I am the latter.


Mrs. May L Wilson
1119 Rialto Bldg.
Kansas City, Mo