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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

April 16 1958
William Fuld
Box 1193, Zone 3
Baltimore, Maryland


I have just purchased a OUIJA board, which has not yet been tested for its mystic powers. I was motivated by finding in my attic a quite old Ouija Board, which provided many hours of pleasure years ago. Essentially, the boards are identical, though the new addition is apparently of some type of fibre board and the small table is of plastic, with a transparent circle, and there are – is it rubber? tips on the tiny legs. The two decorations in the upper corners are the same, but in the lower corners of the old board there is in each corner a black star surrounded by a black circle; and while the new board is (as I measure it) 15-7/8 X 11-7/8 inches the old board is 22 by 15 inches; and the old board is maple I color and apparently made of that wood. Both bear identical patent number – 114,334.

My purpose in writing is that it appears (I quote) “Replacement parts may be obtained direct from the manufacturer.” The old board itself is in excellent condition, but the small “Mystic Table” has disappeared. Is there still in existence a mystic table which will match the old board (the missing one was of wood identical with the board and had three small wooden legs which did not have any separately attached tips, as I recall), or, if such is not available, would one of the new type tables be expected to work successfully on the old board, which is of course very materially larger.

You may be interested to read that the old board was enjoyed in my youth and I have purchased the new one for a teen-age granddaughter.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. R. C. Walsmith
900 Longfellow Street Northwest
Washington 11 D. C.

Addressed stamped envelope enclosed