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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

April 25, 1955
2955 North 58th Street
Milwaukee 10, Wisconsin

William Fuld Co.
Baltimore, Maryland


Year ago, in my college days, we had lots of entertainment with one of your Ouija boards. I have kept it all these years as a memento of those happy years.

A few years ago, when we had our house insulated, the orderly arrangement in our attic was disturbed when the attic floor was ripped open in spots, storage boxes and items moved about, and insulating material blow between the ceilings of the rooms beneath and the attic floor. Somehow the 3-legged guiding handpiece of the Ouija set disappeared in the shuffle. I searched for it as I cleaned and re-settled the attic and have searched several times since.

I would like to replace this lost part of the Ouija set, not only to complete my old memento, but now that especially that young relatives are curious about its operation and pressing me to show them how it works.

The board itself is in perfect condition. Would it be possible for me to a replacing guiding-hand from you? I will gladly pay for one as well as mailing cost if you will forward a statement to me.

I wish to thank you for any attention you may give this letter and am enclosing an addressed stamped envelope for your reply.

Yours truly,

Mrs. M. L. Thewalt