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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

May 29, 1957
219-24-143 Ave
Springfield 13
L. L. N. Y.

Mr. William Flood,

Dear Sir,

Some time ago I purchased a We Ja – board in a dept store in my town. I feel I must tell you how it acts for me. In the first place I use it all alone. I do not have to have any ones hands on it.

As soon as my hands are placed on the small table it commences to move. I sit still and even if I say nothing I will give me some message.

I cannot say that every thing I ask comes true. But at some times it, is the most weird thing I've ever seen.

When I bought it I waxed it an it just works like magic. I usually use it when I am alone because my friends say I move it as it will only move when my hands are alone on it.

What is the power I evidently have in my hands.

Will in any case I receive a lot of amusement from it. Maybe I am clairvoyant, who knows.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it.

If you can explain the mysterious things it does I sure would appreciate it.

I ask it if I should write to you and the answer was yes! Explain please.

Sincerely -

Emily L. O'Brien