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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

July 16, 1954
Davenport, Iowa

Mr. William Fuld
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Sir:

Re: Ouija Board

I have one of your boards in use in our home for several years. In fact I have had them become worn or damaged and replaced because we enjoy using it and also it is much more than just a game board to our family. This last board is still in excellent condition but the table became broken and beyond repair. The one we have and like is about I should judge measuring it on the slant abut 5 ½ by 3 ½ inches and is plastic and has a round hole in center cut out with a piece of celluloid disc in it I think and a pin which points to each letter. I noticed on the box you ask that if any parts need replacing to send direct to you for them so I'm hoping most sincerely you can and will be able to take care of this order for me. If this table is available will you send me by return mail immediately the cost of it and whether you can send C. O. D. or prefer money mailed you first with order – and I would like two of them perhaps rather than just one. Also can one supply an extra supply of the little felt pieces that soon wear out in the feet of the table for usage with our board if you will sell the table separate from the board please give me detailed information if you don't sell it separate from the board altho you state on the cover that for replacing parts to send request direct to you so I am hoping this is possible and the part I want available. Am anxious to get this so will await your reply and would appreciate knowing the price of the article else. I tried everywhere here in the Tri Cities and your board itself isn't even available around here anymore, let alone extra tables when ones own has become impaired or beyond use.

Am enclosing a stamped addressed return envelope for your convenience to insure my heraing from you by return mail.

Thank you so much,

Mrs. B. Weets
508 E. 29th Place
Davenport Iowa