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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

July 18, 1957

Dear Sir,

A very strange thing happened to me when I visited Indiana. I met this woman who didn't know anything about me except that I was visiting Fairmont, the home of the late and beloved James Dean who I adore from the bottom of my heart. As fate has its way or working, I was in an auto accident one year, just a few days before I was to attend parry that Jimmy was at but being that I was injured I never went. Then the following year Jimmy was killed. This woman knew Jimmy and also knew my admiration and love for Jimmy. She suggested perhaps I could contact him through the Ouija board; which I never knew anything about. Well, I went on the board with her and we contacted him. He said he wanted to meet me, and saw me once in N. Y. and once in Hollywood but our paths never met. He said on the board that he was sad because he never met me, that it was the cruel irony of fate that we never met. He knew my name, where I was from, when I had my accident and so many other things. it amazed me considerably. He claims he loves me. Is there anything to this? It is sad that we never met here on this earth but I believe that somewhere in the great beyond we shall.

I bought the ouija board and hope to have many enjoyable times with it hoping that I will continue to have as good results as before.

You can send me information regarding this strange board any time because I am fascinated by it.

Very truly yours,

Virginia Ellis