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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

July 19, 1950
New Orleans, La
2310 St Thomas, Street

Mr. William Fuld

Dear Sir..

Could you tell me please, if there any more Ouija Boards to be got.. if you don't handle them any longer..

Then where can I get in touch for one Ouija Board. I would thank you.. for the Sake of and old Lady that has a great love for the Ouija Board, and her very dear friends believes much in it. So if you have the board with most Magic in it, Send me the price of it, because I want to surprise her with a real good one, – and if you don't handle them, then state where else can I write please and Thank you.

Respectfully Yours

Mrs. Wm. M. Bengert
2310 St. Thomas st
New Orleans, La