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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Constance Carroll
45 W. 11th Street
New York 11, NY

Mr. Wm Fuld -

Two reasons for my writing to you – the first:

By any chance do you happen to know “who” may have sent me the “Ouija” board mailed from Evanston, Illinois? It came to me Gen. Del. to San Francisco, a few days before I left there to come here to NYC. I do not know anyone in Evanston, and if by coincidence at to the same name and also Gen. Del. the same as I – it just doesn't seem possible!

This Ouija Board, manufactured by you – was sent to me from the “Venture Book Shop,” in Evamston, Ill.

I have a strong hunch to write to you - I can't explain why. Perhaps you can find out who the sender of the “Ouija,” may be - ?

My second reason for writing you; Can this Ouija Board be operated by a single person - ? I mean – one person only?

I will appreciate is reply from – on both of the questions, if not possible – at least to the latter - ?

Most sincerely,

Constance Carroll