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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

August 25, 1917
125 Blake St,
Mattapan, Mass

Mr. William Fuld
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Sir, -

Enclosed you will find an announcement of the result of 16 months' work, and a word or two of explanation may be in order.

I am 29 years old. On March 30th, 1916, my young brother passed on. He was then 20 years and ten months old.

On April 28th, 1916, we bought a board, one of yours, and daily since that time have been accumulating messages, a portion of which will appear in a day or two under the title, “Letters from Roy.” Roy is my brother.

I thought that our experiences might be of interest to you in some way, and so have taken this action.

You may have seen the August Metropolitan Magazine, and if so, you probably noticed a letter from us from Mattapan, giving in a few words some of our experiences with the Ouija board.

I do not care how many say it is nonsense, I do say that if read rightly, and under proper conditions, that wonderful results can be obtained , as you of course know.

Still, it takes all kinds, as they say, to make up the world, but i believe that everyone should try to investigate the subject or Spiritualism under strict and proper conditions.

Very truly yours,

Leon H. Steving