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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Aug. 29, 1933
St. Johns Mich.
300 Wright St.

Mr William Fuld

Dear Sir:

I have been working your: The Egyptian Luck Board.

I am very much interested in it, for you have told me about how to Locate my brother in law; Bill Arnett. I mean you told me where he had been since 1926. But I haven't found him yet.

I am trying to locate him now, I hope you are right about him wanting to will me his money; for I am in need of help very badly to help support my children.

My sister Rose Ja, told me about your telling her about being sike and could read peoples minds. That all I needed was training , if I'd like to go to Egypt with you this winter. If I'd write you, that you would let me know how this could be done.

Mr Fuld I know I can read peoples minds at times and can almost tell when some thing is going to take place. It seems I get a warning of some kind just before it is going to happen.

To what advantage would it do me to mind reading training, except for my own personal purpose? I haven't any money and have my childrens welfare to look after, so I am very unfortunate in having such an opportunity. I would love to be able to do this and do it honestly, to say I was able to read any one elses mind. To foretell what there is in store for their future, or tell my own.

Mr. Fuld I hope I am successful in locating Bill Arnett, before it is too late. I hope Mr Browe the man you told me about when working the We-Ja board.

It won't do any harm in telling me, how to take up mind reading, if you will be so kind to let me know.

Mr Fuld you have told my sister Rose, exact truth about how I have suffered these years and before I had become a widow. But I hope such ill fate won't come to me, in the future.


Mrs. Anna Arnett