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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

August 29, 1955
Wallkill, N. Y.

William Fuld
Baltimore, Md
U. S. A.

Dear Sir:

Several years ago we purchased a Ouija and we have had more fun with it than anything we have ever had.

My question is though could you please tell me how it works? We have discussed it among us an we have come up with answers such as it works by you subconscious mind, you move it yourself and the nerves in your fingers tell you the answer and in turn spell out the answer on the board. Some believe it is mystified and has a spell on it, a few will not look at it believing it is bad luck.

I would deeply appreciate it if you could tell me what it is that makes it work.

To give an instance which amazed us was when we asked the board how many brothers and sister a girl had whom we all believed t6 be an only child, the board went directly to three, which we found out later to be the truth.

I am very curious to know exactly what makes this thing work – won't you please help end my curiosity?

Yours very truly,
Mary Lynch
Wallkill, N. Y.