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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Aug 30th 1932
Carrollton, Ohio

Mr William fuld:
Baltimore Md.

Dear Sir:

I am the owner of a Fuld Ouija Board in which I am greatly interested. While working it recently my assistant and I became interested in the symbols which are placed in each corner of the board.

We asked Ouija what they were and he replied they were to be used in telling fortunes.

We asked him how to use them and he replied we should write to you for advice in their use.

The four symbols are two stars enclosed in a circle. A star and a crescent and a full moon.

The board has worked so well and given such accurate answers that we decide to write to you for advice.

Both my assistant and I are greatly interested in the Ouija and have obtained wonderful results from it.

Many people have witnessed and marveled at its performance.

Any instructions you may be able to furnish concerning the use of the symbols will be greatly appreciated.

The Ouija is a great mystery and its ability to answer questions and to solve man different problems is almost uncanny.

Awaiting your reply I beg to remain

Very truly yours

John C. Orin
609 N. High Street
Carrollton, Ohio