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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Sept. 2, 1957
Branchville, Virginia

William Fuld
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Sirs:

Pure curiosity prompts this letter.

Some weeks ago I purchased a Ouija Board manufactured by you and it gives some of the most amazing answers and information. It is positively uncanny. Only the future, of course will reveal the truth or falsity of the advice, etc.

Is one supposed to take it seriously and believe it, or just look on it as a game? Frankly, I have confidence. Am I foolish to do so?

Can you explain its power? Can or should one person operate it alone? Any information you can give me on the subject will be read with avidity. One answer was that a spirit voice named Frank Antoine was giving me the answers. Should I laugh or accept is seriously? I think it is amazing.

Very Sincerely,

Miss Wili Elizabeth Grizzard

I realize, of course, that one should not laugh or be frivolous while operating Ouija, but can one afford to believe?