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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Sept 25 – 58
2224 Marconi Ave.
Sacramento, Calif

Wm Fuld

Dear Sir -

I'll be brief and to the point – we have one of your ouija boards and we have recorded a series of questions and answers, dating back to late last year.

Now we get supposedly departed Spirits – but the thing that floored us was one evening we were informed we were in contact with a live being from outer space.

So we - my husband that is, is now putting together the information as we received it and to tie it all in tells when and where etc. the ouija board playing took place, it is quite interesting – now here is what I would like to know, if we get this book published (England is interested already) would you consider a cut on future rise of sales on your ouija boards, in case people got the fever for the ouija board fad once again like they did years ago?

I remember people talking about them but I had never seen one until I purchased ours, just out of curiosity.

I am interested very much in getting this book published as it is really fabulous. I think many will get interested in it and might want an ouija board to find out for themselves how it works.

It works best with me and my sister-in-law at the board and my husband writing down the letters and numbers as called out, he then separates it into words and thusly sentences – So we now have a real live group of beings from outer space contacting us, they say by mental telepathy – Anyway I have no answer for how is all comes about it just did thats all.

So we decided to make it into a book with luck publish it soon.

He is nearly through assembling it all, then he has to type it and of course all this is slow as he isn't an expert typist and has to do all this after a full days work etc.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Mrs. Mildred S Antoro

P. S. Buy a cut I naturally mean above the sales you now have and could see fit to let us in on a percentage.