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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Oct. 2th. 1954
217 South Spruce Street
Kermit, Texas.

William Fuld,
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Sir –

Do you still market your, Mystifying Oracle Board or as some call the boards a Ouija boards?

I have used these boards for more than forty years first the Ouija and later your Mystifying Oracle Board. This board had unfortunately been broken and this year, neither Montgomery Ward or Sears Roebuck have them in stock it has been about nine years ago I bought this board from Mont Ward and this is the first year he has not carried them in stock.

I am an old lady and live alone and my whole family have departed to the other side Mr. Fuld. If you possibly can find one of these boards, will you please send it to me C. O. D. I will be happy to get it.

Thank you for this great favor, I am,

Yours truly,

Maggie M. Palmer