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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Oct 15 1920.
Kilbourne, Wisconsin

Dear Sir or Gentleman

I am going to write you a letter as I have one of your Ouija Boards and it seems that I don't get very good results it seems to tell me a good many false hoods that it tells me many lies and I am a woman who hates to be deceived and lied to I like truth and no underhanded business as this is the second Ouija Talking Board I have the first one I destroyed it told me many lies and the second one isn't much better! I'd like to have you explain this if it is my fault or if it is the board for when I sent you I am alone but at the same time it shouldn't lie to me and tell me aggravating stuff and stories.

So I will close and hope to hair from in the near future.

Yours Truly

Miss Helen Maria Peterson

Kilbourne, Wisconsin