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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Oct. 19, 1920
Frostproof, Fla

Wm. Fuld,
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Sir:

A friend and I have been getting some very remarkable and mystifying results with one of your Ouija bords recently although neither of us had any faith in the phenomena of its independent movements when we began our experiments. We have on two different occasions, one as a demonstration to another skeptic, succeeded in causing the board to work with our fingers over and near it without touching. In our last trials, however, it fails to move in spite of all the patience we can exercise. I have become very much interested in the study of this phenomenon and notice on the back of this board that you manufacture a Mystifying Oracle Talking Board and am writing to learn something about same with a view to obtaining one for further experiments. Any further information or suggestions concerning the Ouija board would be very greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours,

Will A. McLaughlin