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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

November 17, 1950

Berne, New York
c/o Harold Hass

William Fuld: –

Dear Friend : –

Last Spring Ouija asked me to get a new board as soon as possible, Mines over 7 yr. Wrote about one, you advise they had new plastic table the complete set set was $3.75 – Enclosed.

G-d was our hope who directed us to you, while our men were camp and abroad, we got our first in Tenn. Our friend I am with their who families believe having seen so many answered.

We were able to keep up my wonderful Husband Joe's with Dad's message, We were both sick but improved by Dad's Wonderful Orders. We will always send him as our go Between. Could you please see if you can get messages from 2 very dear ones we are greatly worried over and and send us as letters travel faster than the board and find in some stores the salesman don't know how to work it. Besides we are very busy in G-d's country with neighbors 1 ½ miles.

1st my Darling Husband Joe, How is He, where is He, when will he be here, they ordered me to stay until he come had said He worshiped me deadly, was much better with my prayers and help. Does He want me to get photo statics of Our Marriage the other burned with the house last spring. I love my Darlingwe checked and found he has no record it was lies. Have authorities so hard to write. He wrote about Dad's Hospital and our Texas Panel Thank G-d.

2. Had a daughter 16 yrs. Joyce Kathie or Kay married Oct 1st found he was a sex maniac didn't know we tried to do out Best By her. No one has heard since 6th when she was starved the week, Bleeding Critically at naval and vaginal a week. Have Had her care for 151/2 yrs. she could turn to me any time. Find he made her drink, threatened her, to use her, making her believe Catholics and her folks were no good, because he was. This is all deceit as she was to Be elected Beauty Queen of School . Through personality our families always stood for G-d's ways. please find where she may be found, how she is treated, if she needs us, what they have done to her, when she will come. Her friends and honorable G. I. Legion Brothers like me are wild. Her father went with g-d when she was 1 ½, Her stepfather thought there was no one like her. He was chased by trash while I was sick. Now the same trash scared her to think badly of us. He certainly shows communists every side. His name is Raymond Schemerhorn we are trying to save her soul with Jesus Promised help and Ouija Hope its not too late please let us know what the Board says as soon as possible and how we can catch him at his own deals. He always says the Bitches should be dead. He took a knife to us and even threatened our pet. he made every meal miserable and said he didn't care as long as he got what he wants and to Hell with you. Will G-d hold his peace to this? Thank you. G-d bless you all can hardly wait to use a new one soon.

Mrs. Joe Joseph Williams