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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Nov 22nd 1954
Chicago, Ill.

William Fuld
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Mr. Fuld: –

By demonstrating my ability to work one of your boards alone I have been able to send you many customers in the last three years since I bought my board from you. Just today I have given your address to a prospective customer.

I believe you have an opening for a demonstrator of your boards there in Baltimore have you not?

I can leave Chicago on the 29th of this month or the 6th of December either date will be in time for the Xmas rush in the department stores. Can furnish gypsy costume as an added attraction.

I have an offer of a position pending in New York City but would much prefer the state of Maryland to that of New York so I would appreciate, after due consideration of my letter, that you would wire me, if you have the opening, so that it will give me ample time to give my reply to New York City.

Thaking you for your prompt attention to this inquiry and wishing you good luck.

I am,
Sincerely yours,

Opal Christensen

Miss Opal Christensen
172 Eugene St.
Chicago, 14, Ill.