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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Kalamazoo Michigan
December 20, 1918

William Fuld, fooled is indeed the right name for your company and just as sure as there is a G-d of love, and there is, you will be fooled in the great beyond. You have sold your life, your soul, your all to the demon of your invention the ouija board. I could, and am so strongly tempted to do it, arrest and make you pay me for the things that the devil of your board has done. I am a peace loving respectable woman but for the amusement of our young people was tempted to invest in one of those boards. The company that used it always laughed and have a lot of fun out of it. I looked upon it as being treated unkindly and the demon of your invention in that way got hold of me. Night and day the voice of that devil talked to me. I nearly died. No one knew what was the matter and I would not believe the awful things or do the wicked things I was told to do and if did would be rewarded beyond measure. I would not let go of my faith in a G-d of love and got so desperate I burned the tables for I was told to get two. One for downstairs and one for upstairs. That when I was called to do good I could have a board. I burned both tables and I was told to use my front finger on my right hand and G-d would tell me what he wanted. I did and my hand flew over the board like lightening and it told me that he was the devil and because I would not leave the worst in me he had, G-d, he hated me and threatened my life.

Then I was so angry I thought I would die and my hand wrote very slowly that this board belonged alone in the devil but to save me from death and hell he had with great difficulty, threw the devil down lower in hell, and got on the board. It then quickly told me all the sins of my life, they were few, thank G-d, and what to do to save my life. Everything was so true. I hated to do one thing which was to go to an adopted daughter and my husband and tell them that I hated them, I knew not why. I was so cold and I felt death staring me in the face. I heard my adopted daughter come in from her home and I was upstairs and thought they will find me dead but a voice came "GO TELL THEM! GO TELL THEM!" And I had at last went down those long stairs so cold stiff and weak I could hardly go.

I found my husband and my daughter playing cards on the Ouija board. I went past them and laid down in the next room. I found I was going into unconsciousness. I, with the greatest effort, got up and walked behind my daughter's chair and told them I was going to die I thought and then I told them please forgive me. I told my husband and adopted daughter I hated them. I told all. They were frightened nearly to death and thought me insane yet thought I was dying I looked so terrible. After they begged me to believe they loved me and had nothing to forgive, I sank into her chair for she had gone crying and screaming into the dining room. I could not walk or talk I was that weak. When the board they had set up by the side of the chair fell on my limb, I kicked it across the room and screamed and screamed and begged of them to burn it. My husband took it to the basement and found it to be a hard job to even smash the devilish thing with an axe but he did and burned it. I knew I had another upstairs. They didn't.

So as soon as I could I went upstairs and threw it into the back yard came down and silently went for an axe. I went into the back yard under the roam of our free American sky and with the strength of a man smashed the board and took it into the basement and put it into the furnace. The price of the two boards, the three weeks of being unable to do my work as alteration woman at twelve dollars per week, the fact that daily I grew worse then nearly died rests on you, a company called Fuld. The price of two was and three weeks worth total thirty eight dollars and sixty cents. And remember this, if you never pay this bill you will suffer the torments of the damned and remember I will, as sure as there is a G-d in heaven, work to ruin your work or have faith enough to believe you will see the devilish work you are doing and stop it short. I am well known here. I am trusted as being one of the most honest person, and the demons of hell could not tempt anyone to steal more than I was tempted. If I should stand on the witness stand and tell all that board told me and done for me you would never do business again.

I have not yet decided just what to do but the first thing I have done is to write this to you and you will suffer as no person or persons ever suffered if something isn't done to stop this work. And I at Christmas with no money as I had thought to have for my loved ones' gifts. I send you my full address. I am in G-d's hands now clothed and in my right hand and no fear of the devil remains so you can know who I am and will follow your tracks unless you do right and make amends and own up to the work you are doing and print on the back of each board “NOT TO SIT SERIOUS BUT TO TREAT IT IN FUN.” That is when I got the devil going. I thought no one should thread it with a scorn and your board is the most devilish thing under these circumstances I have ever heard of. What are you going to do? Please tell me.

Mrs. M.S. Bouton
935 Bellaview Place
Kalamazoo, MI