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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

1930s Unknown Date
912 Henke and Pillot Drive
Houston, Texas

To, Mr. William Fuld
Harford Avenue, Lamont Avenue, and Federal St.,
Baltimore, Md.

Dear Sir:

I obtain a Ouija Board made by you from Montgomery Ward Co. and got your address from them. I would like to get one of your fortune telling books. I mean your electric sensation books.

Mr. Fuld I play lottery every day and try to pick nine numbers in advance. All the numbers will have to come on one side. If you can help me please let me know. Please let me know how much all your Electric Fortune Telling Books are. You can send me one C. O. D. if you want to it will be O. K.


Irvin Williams
912 Henke and Pillot drive
Houston, Texas