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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

1958 Unknown Date
Albany, New York

Dear Sir:

If I may I would like to tell you something and also ask for a couple questions. I bought a Ouija Board Xmas of 56 and work it a lot in the evenings when we're alone and have nothing to do and the children are in bed. But December 25/56 my brother came up and his family to see our tree and when they went home I worked the Ouija and asked when my sister in law was expecting her baby and what is was. So he said Feb 9 a boy. (Date and sex was right) So right after I asked him if I were going to become preg (This is still Dec. 26) and he said yes. I asked when? He said Feb. I asked him the sex? A boy. When Nov 8. Results became preg Feb baby boy born Nov 8 so he just passed passed a birthday he's 2 months old. You don't know how happy we are we have been married for 16 years and always wanted a boy but we had 4 girls and lost one and we finally got one boy we love the girls dearly but those 9 months seemed like another 16 years but it was really worth it. So it loves work if you have faith in it and give it a chance. What I want to ask you about is the pictures on the Ouija what do they mean, they bother me. I keep trying to figure out their meaning and I know when I first got the Ouija that Good bye kept bothering me and it took a half hour to an hour before it would start moving believe me I would get tired waiting and one night I said Hello Ouija and it shot right off the table toward its name it moved so fast I was startled. So from then on as soon as I work it I always say Hello Ouija and it only takes a couple of minutes to move. So what do the other pictures mean then. Also do you know where I can get these good luck charms. Their made like lanterns and in them they have oat seed barley seed and rye seed pinch of salt. (all the seeds the bible quotes and the beds prayer. You can buy the lantern on a necklace, charm bracelet or key ring. If you do know please let me know and also about the weja board thanks a million and I would really appreciate to hear from you.

G-d bless you and thank you,

Mrs. Don Koyle
744 Wilson Ave.
Youngstown 6, Ohio