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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

Unknown Dated Letter
The Kurtis Marionettes
Hollywood Center Motel
Hollywood 28, Calif.


Would like to order another one of the plastic three legged table that came with my OUIGA BOARD mine got lost in the shuffel... and it sead on the box one can order new parts....Don't know how much they are or would have sent a money order to cover..We move around quite a if you can send it Colect..or just send it and I'll send you a check for the amount...were in show bizz and never know from one Moment until the next where we go...BUT will be here another week so would love to get it while were here.

Just for the Books..I think it was away back there in 1914.. Those days it was made of wood and teher was no peekabo window in the table....I like the window idea and have gotten terrific reluts with the new board.

I'm telling my friends about them and many who have sat with me have gone out and bought one...I think E. S. P. has a lot to do with the another force I like to call the Q-CALL???

This is NOT A TOY!!! I have got some strange results with a wine glass on a slippery table...but you were the first to come up with a lettered board...I don't really know the answer but some people a lot more brainey then I use the who am I to say...this I takes fore thought...patients..and honesty.....and startling results will be the reward...sounds crazey..try it....Well glad to see OUIJA back in the swim with a different approach...Fate Magazine..has a lot of faith in yrou board. Have asked them to do a BIT on OUIJA..and they they are FRIENDS OF MINE,,, a great Mag.

So much for now....and hope to hear from you..

The Kurtis Marionettes