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When we started researching William Fuld and the Ouija board in 1992 there wasn't much written to go on. The few titles and articles that were published were more often poorly researched or sadly flat out wrong. Much of what was written was based on faulty sources and perpetuated many falsehoods. Unfortunately, much of the same continues today.

At we have worked hard to present the history of William Fuld and the Ouija board in a thorough and accurate manner. Though a labor of love, this has taken a lot of time, money, and patience. All of the content within our site is copyrighted either by us or it's original source. All rights reserved. Therefore, you must obtain written permission to use or reproduce any content found on this site. Pictures and scans are also copyrighted, and we do not grant permission for external use of these images.

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Please do not disrespect us, yourself, or the law. If this website inspires you to write something about William Fuld, his family, his associates, or the Ouija board we are honored. If you think it will be easier to just copy and paste and no one will know about it, think again. Citing your sources and writing your own content are much more rewarding than stealing someone else's and passing it off as your own.