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Hebrew Friendship Cemetery
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Hebrew Friendship Cemetery

The Hebrew Friendship Cemetery located at 3600 East Baltimore Street is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Maryland. The land for the burying ground was purchased in 1849 by the Fells Point Hebrew Friendship Congregation, and over the years the area has expended in area as well as those congregations that bury their families here. Today it is one of the most beautiful and well-kept cemeteries in the country. As you enter the cemetery, you will notice a stone gatehouse built in 1870 which once served as a chapel. Today it is the home of the superintendent of grounds. Besides keeping the cemetery in pristine condition, she spends an enormous amount of time helping people in their genealogical searches. She certainly assisted in ours and helped us find William Fuld's grandparents and the first Fulds to settle in Baltimore. There are still a few Fuld groups buried here we have yet to connect. Below are the plot grouping we have found a family link to including the Lazarus, Jonas, Isidore, Samuel, and the Rachel Liepman plots.

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Lazarus Fuld Plots

Lazarus Fuld's Plots
Lazarus Fuld and Regina Westheimer were William and Isaac Fuld's grandparents. Lazarus was born in Büdingen, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany in 1881 and Regina was born in Messcholz, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany in 1822. In the summer of 1881 Lazarus, Regina, a few of their children, and Lazarus' brother Samuel boarded the ship Goethe and headed to Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. The people contained within the Lazarus plots are Lazarus Fuld, Regina Westheimer Fuld, Nettie Fuld Frank, Selly Frank, and Minnie Fuld Strauss. Unfortunately, Lazarus does not have a stone and records indicate that one was not purchased for him. Though disappointing, it is not uncommon. In the Jewish faith gravestones are purchased and unveiled a year after a person is buried. It's likely that as the years passed either people forgot or just didn't have the funds to purchase a stone at that point. Since other graves are nearby perhaps, they didn't feel that his grave needed to be marked.

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Jonas Fuld Plots

Jonas Fuld's Plots
Jonas and Bertha Fuld were William and Isaac Fuld's great uncle and aunt. Census records show that they were in Baltimore first appearing in 1860. To date we don't have any record of their immigration from Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. Jonas and Bertha had two children Fanier and Isidore. Isidore's plots are in the next section. An exciting find here are two plots only one of which is marked with a stone. Mendel and Martha Fuld are just the right ages to be Lazarus' parents or William and Isaac Fuld's great grandparents. To date we have not located any record of their immigration either. A few of these stones are hard to read due to exposure and the wearing away of time. We can't make out who's child baby Jonas is. We can see that Jonas and Bertha are too old to be his parents. Can you make it out? Those buried in these plots are Mendel, Martha, Jonas, Bertha, Fanier Elias, and baby Jonas. Cemetery records tell us Leonard Liepman paid for the upkeep of Jonas' and Lazarus' plots. That in turn allowed us to locate Rachel Liepman Fuld who is also buried at Hebrew Friendship in the Liepman plots. Rachel was Lazarus' daughter, Jacob's sister, and William and Isaac Fuld's aunt.

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Fuld Memorial Gravestone

Samuel Fuld's Plots
Samuel or Solomon Fuld was Lazarus' brother and William and Isaac Fuld's great uncle. He was born in Büdingen, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany in 1883. He is also found on the Goethe's manifest with Lazarus and his family traveling from Bremen to Baltimore, Maryland landing on September 7th 1854. Samuel married Fannie and had seven children that we know of, six girls and one boy. It appears Samuel and Fannie met in Baltimore and all their children were born in there. Those listed in these plots are Samuel, Fannie, Herman, Jennie, Minnie, and Rebecca Fuld. Samuel and his family are buried in the front section of the cemetery closest to the gatehouse.

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Fuld Cohen Memorial Gravestone

Isidore Fuld's Plots
Isidore was Jonas and Bertha's son. He married Hannah Cohen, and they had five children. The large memorial marking these plots reads Fuld-Cohen. Those buried here are Isidore, Hannah, Lena, Joseph, Bertha, David M., Flora, and Joseph. We don't know much about this branch yet but we are continuing to track this Fuld line as well. Thanks to the very helpful Charlotte at Hebrew Friendship we are certain that we will know more about this line very soon. Thanks to careful record keeping it's just a matter of time before this mystery unfulds!

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Liepman Memorial Gravestone

Oscar Liepman's Plots
Rachel Fuld Liepman was Lazarus' daughter and William and Isaac's aunt. She was also born in Büdingen, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany on April 21st 1854. She is not listed on the Goethe's manifest, and was only been six months old. Perhaps infants weren't recorded if they were younger than a year old. Rachel married Oscar Liepman and had eight children. Most of them are buried here at Hebrew Friendship Cemetery within these plots. The Liepman section is marked with a beautiful granite and bronze monument and consists of twenty-four plots of which 14 are used. Buried here are Rachel, Oscar, Louis, Theresa, Fred & Mamie Kaufman, George and Etta Bassie, Ruth J. Greenspoon, Minnie, Elmer, Anna, Leonard, and Emma Liepman. Luckily, someone in the Liepman family had posted their family tree on the web with OneTree. Because Rachel isn't listed in immigration records we wouldn't have been able to connect her to the Fuld family. According to cemetery records the Liepman's also paid for the upkeep of Lazarus and Jonas' plots.