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William Fuld's Cemetery
This cemetery offered those in the Anne Arundel County a peaceful and respectful final resting place. Its visitors are welcomed by a wide variety of headstones and statues and is home to quite a few dignitaries as well. Perhaps none quite as prominent as William Fuld and his family. The first Fuld to be laid to rest here was Flora Fuld, William Fuld's sister, who died on July 1st 1883. Today there are eighteen Fulds buried there.

In 1905-1906 the cemetery decided to add an access road and the Fulds moved their plots, and already buried relatives, from one area of the cemetery to another. Unfortunately, the Fuld feud of 1901 was in full swing and Isaac Fuld's daughter Evelyn who had been buried here was removed and reburied in another cemetery.

These plots are divided into three groups. William Fuld, Raymond Fuld, and Jacob Fuld. Below are photographs of each stone within those plots.

William Fuld Plots
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William Fuld Plots

William Fuld's twelve plots are marked by a large granite monument bearing his name and the sign of the Masons. William paid one-hundred and thirty dollars for the plots in the early 1900's. The first Fuld buried within these plots was George Edward, William's son, on January 6th 1901. William's youngest child, Hubert Harris was laid to rest on January 23rd, 2003. The following people can also be found among these plots; William Fuld, Annie Fuld, Carrie Fuld, William A. Fuld, Katherine Bowie, George Edward, Arthur Francis, Hubert Harris, Catherine R. Fuld, and Caroline Schmidt.

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Jacob Fuld Plots

Jacob Fuld's Plots
Jacob Fuld was William Fuld's father. A Jewish German immigrant he married for love and left his faith to become a Presbyterian. While his parents are buried in the Hebrew Friendship Cemetery Jacob, his wife, and most of his children are buried here. Of the seven people buried in these plots four of them were moved and reburied in 1905. Buried here are Jacob Fuld, Mary E. Abell Fuld, Lilly, Henrietta, Sylvia, Violet, and Flora. Two children, Mary and Meyer, are not buried here and their graves have not yet been located. William's mother Mary's funeral was the first family funeral since the Fuld feud began in 1901. William and Isaac would have both been in attendance. Awkward.

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Raymond & Mary Fuld Plots

Raymond Fuld's Plots
Raymond Fuld was William's youngest brother. He was a paper hanger who married Mary Virginia and had one daughter Virgie. Raymond was summoned by William in the 1901 case to testify against his older brother Isaac. Though Raymond purchased six plots in 1905 only two are used. Raymond died of a cerebral hemorrhage and his wife Mary Virginia died of acute bronchitis. Sadly, they both passed away in their fifties. The fuld Feud split the family in two, and William and Isaac's brothers and sisters were put squarely in the middle. Surely, Raymond's testimony didn't help his relationship with Isaac. Though many Fulds have died in the past still fighting this feud it is comforting to know that the hatchet was buried in 1997.