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American Toy Company
222 South Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland
The American Toy Company was Charles Kennard's fourth known attempt at the talking board business after his association with the Northwestern Toy and Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois and the Volo talking board. The company was incorporated on September 17, 1897 by Albert P. Strobel, Charles W. Kennard, Jacob M. Raffel, Edgar M. Noel, and Paul M. Burnette. Raffel was listed as president and Strobel its treasurer. Just like with the former Kennard Novelty Company, Kennard was listed as its general manager. Perhaps most interesting was its address of 222 South Charles Street, Baltimore Maryland, just one door down from the Kennard Novelty Company's old address of 220 South Charles Street.

In 1897 the American Toy Company offered Igili The Marvelous Talking Board for sale for one dollar. Kennard who witnessed the success of the Ouija board first hand had hoped the market could handle some new talking board competition. Unfortunately for him and the Igili, that turned out not to be true. The American Toy Company lasted three shorts years from 1897 through 1899. Because of its short life span we aren't sure how many Igili talking boards were manufactured and to date we know only of one.