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Fuld Coat of Arms

The Fuld family roots lead from Baltimore, Maryland across the Atlantic to Büdingen, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany. The earliest Fuld family members we have traced so far are William and Isaac Fuld's grandparents, Lazarus Fuld (1812-1881) and his wife Regina Westheimer (1822-1901.) Other early relatives we have located are two of Lazarus' brothers, Jonas and Solomon Fuld. Lazarus, Regina, six of their children, along with Solomon, boarded the ship Goethe which departed the port of Bremen and arrived in Baltimore on September 7th 1854. It appears Jonas Fuld arrived a few years earlier perhaps setting down the first Fuld roots in Maryland.  Since the mid 1850's many Fulds have called the Baltimore area home. Not surprisingly many still do.

The early Fulds were Jewish. After arriving in the United States and settling in Baltimore they joined the Oheb Israel or Fells Point Hebrew Friendship Congregation on Eden Street. Anxious to make a better life for themselves in America, they quickly took their merchant skills and adapted them. Jonas became a shoe maker, Solomon a photographer, and Lazarus a peddler. These Fulds and many of their descendants are buried in the Hebrew Friendship Cemetery.

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Early Fuld Photographs

Many German Jews in the latter half of the 1800's were more concerned with fitting in and acclimating to their new home than continuing their previous traditions. They quickly shed their traditional dress and wore American fashions. Similarly, many congregations adopted reform practices while others married outside their faith. It is not surprising that Jacob Fuld, William and Isaac's father, married Mary Abell, believed to be a Presbyterian from York, Pennsylvania. Besides having the Christian name of Mary, their family Bible which held the birth records of their children was a new Testament Bible. Since Jacob, this Fuld branch has remained Christian and claims both Protestants and Catholics in their ranks.

Though we are fairly certain William, Isaac, and their siblings knew their grandparents and Jewish heritage, it was not passed down. Only through death and burial records were we able to confirm this and piece together their ancestry. To date both the Jewish and Christian Fuld branches live in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

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