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Isaac Fuld's Cemetery

Isaac Fuld's Plots
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Isaac Fuld Memorial Gravestone

Isaac Fuld bought his plots on September 13th 1905. Prior to the Fuld feud of 1901, Isaac planned on being buried with his family and brother. However, after Isaac and William's mother died Mary in 1905, the rift between the two only deepened. Not only did Isaac choose a cemetery clear on the other side of Baltimore, he also decided to have his daughter Evelyn, who was already buried, re-interred here. When William's cemetery added an access road where the Fuld plots were once located, Isaac took this opportunity to move his daughter and bury his descendants from then on here. Isaac's section is marked with a simple low monument which reads “Isaac Fuld.” There are seven plots here, and all of them are used. Buried here are Isaac, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Florence Hoffman, Margaret Ann, Stuart senior, and Helen Fuld.