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1886 Talking Board Illustration

Though not always accurate news articles are perhaps our best hope in capturing the Ouija board through the lens of the times in which they were written. Since talking boards made headlines back in 1886 each decade that followed welcomed the Ouija board differently. Some articles described the latest craze to sweep the nation while others relayed the happenings of the 1920 Fuld/Ouija court trials. Sometimes these articles reveal long forgotten facts though often unfortunately, perpetuate Ouija board myths we read and hear about today. Unfortunately, many people who have written about the Ouija board took one or many of these articles as fact without researching the article's source. Remember the saying “Don't believe everything you read.” That can certainly be applied to this section. On the other hand without these articles, much of the Ouija board's history would be lost.

In this section, we will attempt to provide you with the earliest article in a series from 1886 – 1966 and everything in between. Many articles will contradict each other. Remember, removed from all the background research on the Ouija board these articles can lead you astray. These stories present the facts as their author knew them. Taken as a whole they tell the media's history of the Ouija board.