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Straight is the Way Studio Card
March 6th 1921

William Fuld and family were masters at marketing. They saw the Ouija board's potential and new its popularity hinged on how easily it captured popular culture. If they could harness that, they could market the Ouija board to greater success. Here, we have just a few examples where others marketed the Ouija board for the Fulds and they were then able to reap the rewards. Whether they were plays, movies, television shows, or even songs and sheet music the Ouija board inspired many to be creative in telling their stories. Some poked fun at the Ouija board crazes that were sweeping the nation while others used the Ouija board as a tool to contact the other side or set the stage for a good murder mystery.

The following photographs and images were either donated to us by the Fuld family or pictures we have collected over time. William Andrew Fuld kept a wonderful oversized scrap book full of any media mention of the Ouija board. This book has been a treasure trove of long lost history. Many plays mentioned in this section would be lost if it weren't for William's meticulous record keeping.

In order for anyone to use the Ouija board in a movie, play, or television episode they had to get permission from the Fulds. Of course, they were more than happy for the free advertisement. Usually, they provided production with Ouija boards and then included it when they advertised the Ouija board. William Andrew always asked for pictures when the Ouija board was used for his scrapbook. This called for some out of the box thinking when it came to television shows. As you can see the producers came up with a solution. They actually took pictures of the television while the Ouija board scene was photographed. It was ingenuity at it's best.

We hope you are as entertained today as the folks were when they first saw these plays, movies, television programs, or sang these wonderful Ouija songs. If know of another Ouija board entertainment moment please click here and let us know.