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Customer Letters
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Customer Letter

The Ouija board has inspired many things over the years. The most common of them being people's reaction to actually using the Mystifying Oracle. William Andrew Fuld began collecting customer's letters and feedback early on in the business. Today we are so incredibly fortunate he did because they offer us a glimpse into the Ouija board's past that only those letters can give. You can imagine that how the Ouija board is perceived today is a bit different from how it was seen yesterday. These letters span Ouija crazes from the 1920s to the 1960s. While some customers enjoyed their Ouija boards so much they wore out their felt feet, others wanted to share their experiences both good and bad. Many took guesses as to how the board actually worked and many more just wanted to know its secret. Enjoy your stroll through the Ouija board's history as seen through the eyes of its most loyal customers.

The letters above have not been edited and remain in their original written state. You may encounter spelling or grammatical errors. We chalk this up to charm and personality. Please excuse these minor distractions and enjoy your trip through Ouija customers past.