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This section was created to display the many other things that are Fuld and Ouija related but don't seem to fit any of the other sections. As you will see the Fulds had oil, mugs, jewelry, and boats all bearing the name Ouija. Many of these items were discovered packed away in boxes after the passing of Hubert Fuld in 2003. Thankfully they were preserved, and we now have the opportunity to share them with you. This is one of our favorite sections because you never know what might turn up here!

Fuld Patent & Trademark Cards
Circa 1915 - 1930
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Patent & Trademark Cards

These patent and trademark cards tell a remarkable story. They were produced by William Fuld's company and submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark office and used in various printed advertisements for the company. The three cards shown here also have William Fuld and his son William Andrew Fuld's hand written notes on them showing the measurements for the marks and drawings. All three are for the Mystifying Oracle starting with the first Mystifying Oracle board circa 1915, a later planchette circa 1920, and the actual trademark for the Mystifying Oracle Ouija circa 1930.

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Ouija Oil and Box

Ouija Oil
1920 - 1927 Trademark #143,008
"2 FLUID OUNCES. "Ouija Oil" Pronounced "We-Ja" Trade Mark Reg. 1921 U. S. Pat Office For External Use Only. EGYPTIAN REMEDY, A local treatment for the pains of Rheumatism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neu algia, Inflammation, Swelling, Sprains, Cold in the head, Bruises, etc. DIRECTIONS Apply to affected parts. For cold in the Head, etc., a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water inhale fumes. Made Exclusively by William Fuld, Harford, Lamont Aves. Federal St. Baltimore, Md. , U. S. A. For External Use Only." These words appeared on each bottle of Ouija Oil manufactured. Only produced from 1920 – 1927 these bottles are extremely rare. We discovered its very existence in the pages of U. S. Trademarks which was later verified by Kathy. She tells us how growing up they had quite a few bottles of Ouija Oil in their basement. Not suffering from rheumatoid arthritis they used the Ouija Oil to polish their wood paneling with fabulous results. Who knew?

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Ouija Jewelry

Ouija Jewelry
1919 - 1927 Trademark #140,126
The 1920s ushered in a new round of competition for the Ouija board and William Fuld. With his Ouija trademark on jewelry, he sought to create a classy way to display your Ouija pride. William hoped that jewelry would expand his brand beyond his famous board and perhaps reach an entirely new audience. At one time, we believed there were only Ouija rings manufactured, but we were wrong. These were William's and then Hubert's personal set. We aren't sure if they were made available to the general public or if they sold only Ouija rings. If you have any Ouija jewelry hanging around let us know. We'd love to see more examples of Williams Ouija wear.

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Ouija Shaving Mug

William Fuld's Ouija Shaving Mug
Circa 1891 - 1927
"Shaving cream, be nice and clean, shave everyday and you'll always look keen." Just like Benny Bell wrote and Paul Winn sang in their novelty song, shaving is important. If you don't look good, you don't feel good. We don't believe these were produced for the general population and this was probably a gift for William Fuld. The fanciest shaving mug we have ever seen it sports a gold leaf rim and gold detailing surrounding a small Ouija board and planchette. The gold stylized William Fuld print makes the piece and really pops against the white porcelain. It also reminds everyone just who owns this shaving mug in case you forgot. Another gem packed away by Hubert, and we are just lucky it survived. We don't know enough about the mug to date it accurately however, it's a great period piece.

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William Fuld Envelopes

William Fuld Envelopes
Circa 1920s-1940s
William Fuld and his company used many different envelopes to send letters and ship things back and forth to its customers. Here, we have five different examples ranging from the 1920s to the 1940s. The first envelope is dated March 30th 1921 and on the back side displays a Ouija board. The second envelope is the same design as the planchette boxes from the 1920s and reads “Ouija Egyptian Luck Board.” The third envelope has the Ouija directions printed on the front and is from the 1920s as well. Envelope number four was used to house the Mystifying Oracle Ouija Booklet from the 1930s. The last envelope is dated September 10th 1941 and was sent to a distributor. These envelopes give a whole new meaning to “You've Got Mail!”

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Mystifying Oracle Ouija

Mystifying Oracle Booklet
William Andrew Fuld 1936
William Andrew Fuld was a talented man. He not only drew many graphics on the Ouija board we see today, invented the Electric Mystifying Oracle, he also wrote and sold this booklet titled “Mystifying Oracle Ouija” copyrighted 1936. This booklet contains some neat new ways to play your Mystifying Oracle Ouija at parties. When you have a group of people all trying to put their hands on the planchette, it can get distracting. These new games shake things up a bit. Towards the end of the booklet, William Andrew also describes just how his talking board has infiltrated the media and become part of pop culture. Flip through these pages and enjoy! It begins “This booklet is written by the inventor of the Mystifying Oracle Ouija especially for our customers who are interested in obtaining the best results from the Mystifying Oracle. There has never before been anything like it, and we never expect to invent anything superior.”

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Ouija - Late 1940s
William Fuld Order Form

Ouija Order Form
William Fuld Late 1940s
This is a late 1940s William Fuld Ouija board order form. It was sent out to the trade for easy ordering. This form offered merchants two choices. The first was 12” X 18” and the other was 15” X 22”. Both versions were “Made of pressed wood, attractively grained in bird's eye maple finish, with clearly printed black letters and numerals. Each in individual 2-color box, packed 12 to the carton. Weight 25lbs and 35lbs.” For the smaller boards of 3 dozen or over they were $6.48 per dozen and less than 3 dozen $7.20 per dozen. For the larger sized boards they were $12.96 per dozen for 2 dozen or more and over and for less than 2 dozen they were $13.68 per dozen. This form also boasts the new plastic one-piece table. “It is lighter, handsomer, easier to play...and there's never any danger of losing the feet, because it's al in one piece. Your customers will appreciate.”

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Ouija - 1950s
Feedback Form

Ouija Feedback Form
William Fuld 1950s
In the 1950s, the Fulds included this card in each Ouija board box. One side introduces the Ouija board while the others allows every customer to send the Fulds your contact information. That way they could contact them with the latest Ouija news. It reads “So you bought a Ouija - Here is a wholesome form of entertainment you can use at parties, club meetings and in the family circle family, with unlimited scope as to questions asked. Ouija was created by William Fuld, who as much astonished by the answers he received as by the fact that he could cite no scientific explanation for what happened. In fifty years of national popularity, Ouija has never claimed to be a magician, or to have any influence that might be hitched up with “Evil Spirits.” Nor has Ouija presumed to guarantee the truth or accuracy of its answers.”

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Ouija Boat

Ouija Boat
Hubert's Ouija
Hubert Fuld's
first love were his boats. He had four of the during his lifetime and in order they were the Clara, Aloha, and two boats named Ouija. These pictures are of the last Ouija. Hubert purchased this forty-five foot Colonial in 1967 which was built in Melville, New Jersey. He and his brother William Andrew drove up New Jersey to pick it out and purchase it. Hubert also owned a lot of land in Lindstead, Maryland where he had a pier built to dock his boat. Many Fuld family members would gather on the Ouija and enjoy a ride on the boat. In its later years the Ouija was docked in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where these pictures were taken.

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Metallic Ouija Planchettes

Metallic Ouija Plancehettes
Prototype Planchettes 1965-1966
As a new Ouija boom began in 1965 and sales began to climb, The Fulds began work on a special edition Ouija board. Perhaps Burl Ives' song “Silver and Gold” inspired these two beautiful metallic plastic prototype planchettes. They are both the exact same size as the regular cream colored plastic planchettes though had thicker felt plugs on their feet. The metallic silver and gold colors were slick and surely would have been a hit. Unfortunately, the Fulds decided to sell the company in 1966 to Parker Brothers and though they did manufacture a deluxe wooden edition, they never produced the Fuld's metallic planchettes. These two prototypes are the only remaining samples of what 1966 might have brought to the Ouija board had the Fulds not sold. There was another planchette prototype where a small chain replaced the indicator pin in the window, but to date it hasn't been recovered.

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Ouija Tile

Ouija Tile
Gift From Kathy and Stuart 1998
Robert Murch
received this very special gift from Stuart and Kathy back in 1998 as a thank you for helping to reconnect their family. It was made by Sandra Magsamen, Stuart Fuld's niece. Here is a little from Sandra's website. "Award-winning author, artist and art therapist Sandra Magsamen is a "creativity expert" who uses her own creative spirit to fashion gifts and collections that help people express themselves and connect with others. She also shows us how to bring that same powerful creative spirit into our own lives as we express ourselves in our own authentic and unique ways. Sandra calls this approach to life living artfully and she shows us how we can access our creativity and use it to live more fully. She reminds us to explore and experience each day with more heart, meaning, purpose, and joy. With her vibrant and expressive works that affirm and celebrate life, Sandra has touched millions of people, one heart at a time." She certainly touched ours.